Introduction by my self in English!!


Thank you for reading my blog!!

This article is a self introduction.


I hope to know even a little about me.

First of all, I`ll explain why I thought about introducing myself in English.


I lived in the USA from kindergarten to elementary school 3 grade.

So, I wanted to use English on my blog, but I can`t use English properly.


For that reason I didn`t use English, but today I try to challenge!

It might be very difficult to read.


At first my name is waffle.

It is my nickname in elementary school and junior high school.

I really like this nickname so I use it!!


Now I`m a college student. I`m studying architecture at university.

In addition, I`m studying psychology by my self. 


Why do I study psychlogy because it can be used for architecture.

Another thing is that I`m interested in communication skills.


I think communiction skills are the power that everyone has,and I think that how much it can be demonstrated is making a diffrence.

I write a thought blog every day so that all the power that everyone can be demonstarted.


If you are interested in this blog please comment!

I`ll try to write communiction articles in English!


Thank you for reading!!